Dealing with Chronic Stress

I am going to assume that most of us cannot change the major circumstances contributing to our stress levels, at least right away. Pressures from jobs, finances, family, etc will never obliterate completely. That said, 45% of our happiness is controlled by our own reaction to stress, and only 10% of our happiness is actually a direct result of tangible circumstances. Luckily, good nutrition can actually lighten the load.

The neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel good are depleted and resistant over time if overstimulated. Creating this affect are things like high glycemic carbohydrates, protein deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, low B vitamins, low omega 3 fatty acids, low estrogen, and stimulant use. The point? Eating right during times of heavy stress can set you up for resiliency, while giving yourself a free pass on sweets can create a biological downward spiral. Sound familiar?

For me, this is all the explanation I need to stay on track and away from self-sabotage. Of course, there are other great coping mechanisms–I thought I’d start with diet as a very important first step.


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