Letting Go of the “Magic” in Foods

Yes, there is incredible healing power in the right foods for your body. I agree—we have yet to discover all of the phytochemicals that contribute to the most healthful of foods. However, let’s be real: acai berry does not contain a magical cure-all in its dark purple juice. Green Coffee bean does not melt fat off of your hips. White Kidney bean cannot magically block the loaf of bread you just splurged on.

I hear it all day on the floor of my vitamin department. People casually ask me why this stuff works. I tell them which studies have lead to the claims on the bottle and exactly what we know of the science behind it, but then they put it back on the shelf. They are not interested anymore, because they were driven by some magical result that they have now realized may or may not occur, because (admittedly) most of the evidence is weak, and has not even been performed on humans. Their “miracle fix” has been de-bunked.

What’s my point? Should you go back your days of muffins and coffee, sandwiches, and pasta with chicken? Absolutely not—fill your plates with piles of greens, eat plentiful non-starchy vegetables, and stay away from oils and white stuff (flour, sugar, etc)—please. Just know that it is not magic. The good stuff isn’t good for you because of some healthy eating god up there that will grant you flat abs by eating almonds. Its good for you (in part) because of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and enzymes—good old nutrients that your body needs to function. And really, what it is lacking—in manmade industrial food-like substances—makes it even better.


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