Another Round of Probiotics: Three Surprising Health Benefits

Ok, I’ve already talked about the amazing benefits of probiotics on digestive health and immunity. The difference between someone who gets sick from a contaminated buffet and someone who doesn’t is probiotics, people. This is reason enough to add them in to your day.

But, recently in the health world, I’ve heard some naysayers who squelch the benefits of probiotics. They claim a lack of evidence as to the real benefit. I would like to clarify this: what they are likely talking about is the lack of probiotics to form long-term colonies in the large and small intestine.

This is, however, our faults. We drink chlorinated water. We get prescribed antibiotics if our eyelash aches. And we are killing off our gut flora as fast as we take them in. Kapeesh?

On the contrary, I recently discovered some evidence-based benefits of probiotics, and I’ll share some of the most surprising:

    • Lactose intolerance – the lactic acid bacteria used in probiotics actually convert lactose into lactic acid, so people can tolerate dairy much more effectively.
    •  Cholesterol – Probiotics inhibit the reabsorption of cholesterol, making blood levels more healthy
    • Cancer – Strains of probiotics have anti-cancer effects because they bind to heterocyclic amines that form on things like cooked meats; they prevent the body from having contact with this chemical. Probiotics also decrease the activity of e. coli-related enzymes that have been known to be carcinogenic

Pretty impressive, eh? I’ll give it a rest now đŸ™‚